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MFT-Heat shrinkable solder type closed end connectors


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  •                MFT- Waterproof welding tin end cap , 

                               Heat-shrinkable solder-type closed-end connectors 


    Product introduction :


    Waterproof solder end sealing cap is by a containing colored glass beads, square tower of copper wire, solder ring, hot melt rubber ring and heat shrinkable sleeve composition for stranded wire end is sealed and connected. Its unique combination of waterproof, fixed clamp and soldering strands connecting end seal. The product design is reliable end seals of different specifications of the wire in a single device.


    Heat shrinkable solder type closed end connectors is waterproof, oil resistance, environmental protection, easy to install.



    Product features:


    1 insulation outer tube: blue transparent cross linking modified PVDF heat pipe

    2 solder ring (including flux)

    3 square copper cone tower

    4 end coloured glass beads

    5 hot melt adhesive ring


    Operating temperature :


    1 working temperature:  ~125 - 40
    2 start to shrink temperature:  150 
    3 full shrink temperature:  175 
    4 solder begins to dissolve temperature:  138
    5 solder complete solution temperature:  160



    Product application diagram:


    Product Size:



    Technical Data  


    Working temperature


    voltage class


    Waterproof level


    Volume resistance


    Dielectric strength


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