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  • Product introduction:
    KPT polyimide high temperature Sleeving (Kapton), core provides excellent mechanical properties at low temperature and the use of performance, remain in low dielectric strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures, for f, h-level application environment for low and high temperature-35-280.

    Range of application:
    Widely of application Yu space technology, and f, and h level motor, and electrical of insulation, and PTC fever device, hot protection device, battery joint, PTC fever core,, FPC (flexible printing circuit board), and PTC electric film, and TAB (pressure sensitive tape base material), and space, and aviation, and computer, and electromagnetic line, and transformer, and temperature sensor, temperature control switch, temperature control device, motor, audio, and phone, and computer, and smelting, and mining electronic components industrial, and car, and traffic transport, and Atomic Energy industrial, electronic electrical industry.